» Tax code: 4201709851

» By the Department of Planning & Investment Khanh Hoa

» Travel Permit: 56-0003/2018/SDL – LHND GP

» https://www.facebook.com/nttravelvn/

» Address: 01 Xuan Lac, Vinh Ngoc, Nha Trang

» Hotline: 0935 972 968

» Email: booking@nttravel.info

=>NT Travel is honored to be the member of Vietnam Tourism ASSOCIATION (VTF).

=>NT Travel is the company that has been the Department of Tourism in Khanh Hoa Province licensing business travel permit. Proud to be a prestigious tourist company-top quality in Nha Trang and Vietnam. NT TRAVEL specializes in organizing tours and provides information on the largest and most prestigious travel by tourists. We specialize in organizing tours: tourism Nha Trang-da lat Tourism-mui ne tourism – Hoi An Tourism – Danang Tourism and Vietnam tourism.

Why Choose NT TRAVEL?

  • To be able to compete with other travel companies, we must have a rich and attractive tour program for your choice.
  • Our tour prices must be the most reasonable for visitors.
  • In addition to organizing a tour for you we also offer and free consultation on tourist information when you need it.
  • We must have a professional tour scheme. Especially we focus on the quality of service and the service attitude to be enthusiastic, friendly.
  • We do not have a guest concept and we do not have any concerns we distinguish customers for different service attitudes.

=>Only so we can compete with other domestic and foreign tourist companies. The satisfaction of customers is the motto of the tour organization of NT TRAVEL.

Why should you choose Travel Organization companies?

  • Price: We are sure the price of the service you put through the tourist organization companies will be cheaper than the price you own each service and the quality of service will be better when you put through the tourist companies because the company Tourism understands each service where you use, and you may not have yet to know how the service is there.
  • You can refer to the all-inclusive service of the tourist organization company with the price you set if any party cheaper, better service then you please put.
  • The easiest example is that when you make a hotel reservation, the price will be higher without knowing how the service is located when you book through the tourist organization companies, the tourist companies understood what hotels , any new restaurant, nice, good service to advise visitors.

=>If in the process you use the Services PROVIDED BY NT TRAVEL that have questions or are unhappy about the quality of service, call us to settle for you 1 the most reasonable and fastest way.

=> Whether you use the Services NT TRAVEL advise you or you use other services provided, we will expect you to be satisfied with the service you use and when you need the information, please contact us no matter where you book the service, we operate 24/24.